Medical Malpractice

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About Medical Malpractice

Thanks to the federal government's 1999 Institute of Medicine study "To Err is Human," the country now knows what medical malpractice lawyers have known for years:

  • The shocking extent of medical malpractice, almost 100,000 deaths per year and,
  • The great majority of medical mistakes made by doctors are never discovered by the injury victims (meaning the victims are not compensated). In light of this report, which has a stamp of authenticity because it is such a comprehensive government report, doctors and their malpractice defense lawyers can no longer claim that medical malpractice is a rare occurrence and that medical malpractice cases have been manufactured by medical malpractice lawyers seeking money for clients, regardless of whether or not the doctor was negligent.

That said, most health care providers provide excellent care to their patients and a bad medical outcome does not mean there is a medical malpractice case. It is difficult for injury victims to know whether their injuries are the result of medical negligence or whether their injuries are just a tragic result that could not have been avoided by proper medical care.

David E. Fink can answer these questions. With many years of experience, this attorney can fight for the money you deserve and help rectify the medical malpractice situation.